School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split is the successor of one of the oldest schools in Split, The Vocational Drawing School that was founded in 1907. Today, it offers education for:
- Art occupations
- Architectural occupations
- Graphics professions


School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split, former School for architectural craftsmen and graphics in Split, is a successor of one of the oldest school in Split, Vocational Drawing School, Scuola di disegno industriale, later known as The School of Design Split. It was founded in 1907 by Kamilo Tončić, the engineer, architect, reformer of education and the founder of the Ethnographic Museum and Art Gallery. The Techical High School is founded in an academic year 1920/21 and includes vocational school for both men and women. Under this name, the school operates until 1932 when it was renamed to The National Technical High School in Split. During the academic year 1940/41 the school changed its name to The Technical High School with architectural and construction section. During the Italian occupation, in the academic year 1942/43 the school operates as Scuola Media Tecnica and in the academic year 1947/48 it returns its name to the Technical High School in Split. From 1948 to 1951 the school operates under the name Građevinski tehnikum. In the academic year 1951/52 the school gets a name Technical and Construction High School and changes its name again in the academic year 1959/60 when it becomes Construction Technical School in Split. In 1963, by the decision of local government in Split the Construction School Center was founded. From the year 1974 the Construction School Center operates as a working organization with three OOURs: OOUR School in Split, Teslina 4, OOUR The students house in Split, V. Masleše, and OOUR Organization for the production work Split, P. Brigada 6. The Construction School Center was merged in 1978 with the Gymnasium Ćiro Gamulin into the new working group named The Center for Education in Construction and Industry of Building Materials Ćiro Gamulin. The Center has joined in 1980 as an independent OOUR Education and training of personnel for the industry of stone and marble from Pučišće. In the academic year 1985/86 MIOC as an independent school is separated and in 1991 The Architectural School Split separates. In 1993, from The Architectural School Split The Architectural Industrial Craftsmen School Split is separated which in 1996 changed its name to The Architectural Craftsmen and Graphics School in Split. Under this name it operates until the academic year 2011/2012 when it becomes The School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split.