High school Matija Antun Reljković has been operating since 1959 and till today is the only agricultural school in this part of Posavina and Brodsko-posavska County. Today, the school has three independent pedagogical units:
- Agricultural technical school (agriculture and forestry)
- Veterinary school
- Chemical School (chemistry, ecology, nutrition, geodesy)


In its educational work the School is guided by the following principles:
- act in accordance with the development of national consciousness
- cherish humanistic values
- develop democracy
- encourage open and free work of all employees
- introduce new technologies in school
- build a school tailored to students where we develop and encourage their independence and put them in the center of all activities
- cooperate with parents
- we strive to the highest pedagogical standard that provides a quality work of teachers through their creativity and teamwork
- the priority is a high computerization and work without stress and anxiety for all employees and students

The school is organized and operates in accordance with the Law on Education in Primary and Secondary Schools (NN87/08) and under the statutes and regulations of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Through its work the school develops full and strong national consciousness as an essential component of student's personal identity. It allows full development of personal opportunities and adopting various knowledge for each student. Prepares students for mature and independent decision-making and encourages him to develop a positive self-image. High school Matija Antun Reljković strives to accept changes in the educational process that are professionally and scientifically verified with proven benefits. The school is constantly looking for innovations and improves the organization and solves problems in education creatively. We are oriented towards the economy of this region and our success depends on the interest, support and cooperation of the environment in which we operate. We want to encourage students to the freedom of creation and entrepreneurial ideas, to use the natural wealth of Slavonia and Croatia when it comes to the agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, chemical technology, food and geodesy. We strive to be a school tailored to students needs and individualize the educational process to perform according to capabilities of each student through different programs. In the teaching process, we try to abandon the old teaching method and put a student in the role of independent researcher who will reach relevant information through his/her learning and work. We create a pleasant working atmosphere in which the understanding and tolerance are the main qualities, so that the student-teacher-parent correlation goes on freely. The economic part of our programs is successfully implemented through the theoretical and practical courses in the form of the quality teamwork. Various forms of cooperation with parents increase a parental responsibility in the education of children. Our equipment and teeaching tools are constantly modernized with the help of local government, but we have also earned much of the funds, for a better pedagogical standard, from our own activities in which students perform their internships, and products are sold at the market. We inform and prepare students for final exams which will enable them to enter the university of their interest. The experiences from past years show that our graduates have been successfully enrolled at faculties of all professions including agriculture, veterinary, forestry, chemical engineering, medicine, construction, engineering, law. Others got employed in the profession and we are happy to hear about their successes in the economy.