The Interdisciplinary Curriculum of Secondary Vocational Schools is the project financed from EU funds from the European Social Fund, as part of the Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013 from the grant "The modernisation of curriculums in vocational schools according to the Croatian qualification framework and needs of the labor market - phase II". The project coordinator is Gospodarska škola Varaždin in partnership with Evolva Ltd., High school M. A. Reljković from Slavonski Brod and the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split. The total value of the project is 2.198.788,80 HRK. The implementation period for the project is from May 11th, 2015, to May 10th, 2016.


The purpose of the project:

With project activities we want to introduce information- communication-technological teaching methods and interdisciplinary contents in line with sectoral needs in curriculums to obtain relevant vocational and entrepreneurial skills. This will allos students to aquire modern and relevant competencies and have access to new technologies, which will raise the relevance of qualifications on the labor market and enable their better employability.

Target groups:

Students and teachers of vocational subjects at partner vocational schools


The introduction of teaching methods, which are based on information and communication technology and interdisciplinary contents in line with sectoral needs, in the curriculum for professions Economist, Commercial Agent, Graphic Editor Designer, Graphic Technician, Technician Nutritionist and Agroturistic Technician.

What does it mean?

  • in courses Agritourist Technician and Technician Nutritionist in High school Matija Antun Reljković from Slavonski Brod an optional subject "The making of products from fruits and vegetables" and The monitoring of production" will be added
  • an internship for professions Graphic Technician and Graphic Editor Designer in the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split will be enriched with the optional subject "Creating of the visual identity of the product"
  • at the Gospodarska škola Varaždin courses Economist and Commercial agent will get an optional subject "The development of new product", and the program Training firm will be enriched with the content about online sales and learning method using the ERP system.
The students in the High school Matija Antun Reljković will produce a real product, the students of Gospodarska škola Varaždin will prepare it for the market, and students of the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split will create a visual identity of the product. This way, students will acquire a complete entrepreneurial experience and vocational competences in sectors for which they are educated and use the advantage of modern technology which will increase their competitiveness on the labor market and increase their competence for the self-employment.

Whose needs does the Project address?

The project will address the needs of 40 teachers of vocational courses, allowing training in e-learning, vocational knowledge and the use of modern technologies in sectors in order to educate students. The project will address the needs of 150 students of partner secondary schools, allowing education in e-learning and vocational knowledge, use of new technologies for the sector for which they educate, and acquiring entrepreneurial skills.

How will the sustainability of the Project be assured after its completion?

Trained teachers will continue to use knowledge gained through the project for the education of next students generations, and by mastering the e-learning method they will strengthen their competences for further improvements and education of other teachers and future generations of students. The students will master the e-learning method to strengthen their competencies for lifelong learning, and by vocational knowledge they get through the project they will raise their vocational and entrepreneurial competencies which will make them more competitive on the labor market which will contribute to their better employability and self-employability. The methodology for the development of an interdisciplinary curriculum as well as all created programs and manuals will be available at the Project's official website after the Project is completed. All schools will be invited at press conferences to download the Project's results from the website. Teaching materials, an IT solution (ERP system), programs and tools for the use of new methods that will be created during the project will become a part of the curriculum of partner schools that have financial resources for their maintenance in coming school years. The methodology for the development of interdisciplinary curriculum is applicable for all vocational schools, regardless of occupations they offer and types of programs they use, because it is possible to modernize all types of programs in vocational schools.