What is Trainee ERP and what is it used for?

Trainee ERP is an educational-information system used in the program Training firm for mastering vocational knowledge and entrepreneurial skills easier. As the educational software in the program Training firm, Trainee ERP enables learning and implementation of process steps in the most important departments of any business organization:

  • administration
  • purchase and warehouse
  • finance and accounting
  • human resources
  • production
  • sales

How was the Trainee ERP created?

This business web application was designed and developed by the company Evolva in cooperation withGospodarska škola Varaždin u sklopu projekta „Interdisciplinarni kurikulum srednjih strukovnih škola” koji je financiran bespovratnim EU sredstvima iz natječaja „Modernizacija školskih kurikuluma u strukovnim školama u skladu sa Hrvatskim kvalifikacijskim okvirom” u sklopu operativnog programa Razvoj ljudskih potencijala 2007.-2014. kojeg provodi The European Social Fund.


Apart from achieving the goals that Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education prescribed for the program Training firm in Croatia, the main importance of this teaching method is that it represents the use of modern technologies for e-learning of vocational knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and thus contributes to all involved:

To teachers
  • easier organization of students into training firms and their organizational departments
  • easier organization of teaching and preparation for classes
  • assigning tasks to students and monitoring the execution
  • direct communication with students with an insight into their digital diary
  • nastavnik postaje samo koordinator aktivnosti i zadatke prenosi na učenike („zaposlenike”)
  • more accurate knowledge check because the teacher reviews whether each student has completed each task so that all students successfully master the whole material
To students
  • active participation of students where instead of files and paper documents they use the ERP system to work through the Internet
  • faster mastering of theoretical knowledge with a clear overview of tasks they need to execute
  • experience of executing business activities in simulated real business
  • educational assistance until the point when a student can independently perform tasks in the context of the whole business
  • fulfilling a student's diary
  • Greater competitiveness on the labor market
To schools, the education system and the economy
  • quality implementation of teaching and better employability and self-employability of students
  • greater competence of the workforce and future entrepreneurs
  • the system supports the work of multiple schools and multiple web shops for selling schools' real products

Apart from the mentioned benefits of using Trainee ERP in the program Training firm, it is worth pointing out the main advantages of Trainee ERP:

  • Interdisciplinarity- Trainee ERP allows multiple secondary vocational schools to connect through information and telecommunication technology, and supports the work of multiple schools and their web shops.
  • E-learning- According to basic principles of e-learning, Trainee ERP system includes an active participation of students, a simulation of real business scenarios, visual notifications for mastering the theoretical knowledge, learning by doing, and encourages creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Applicability- The system is easy to use after just a short training, with a quick start because it takes only a computer with Internet access.


According to the objectives of the project within which this ERP solution was developed, schools are invited to take this methodology for the development of their interdisciplinary curriculum. If you want to modernize your program Training firm please feel free to contact.