Gospodarska škola Varaždin - project coordinator

The first traces of todays Gospodarska škola Varaždin goes back in the distant year 1846, and today we educate students for following professions:
- Economic High School
- Tourist high school
- Economist (athletes included in regular classes)
- Commercial Agent
- Hotel and tourist tehnician
- Administrative officer
- Business Secretary
- Chef
- Waiter
- Salesperson

High school Matija Antun Reljković Slavonski Brod - Partner

High school Matija Antun Reljković has been operating since 1959 and till today is the only agricultural school in this part of Posavina and Brodsko-posavska County. Today, the school has three independent pedagogical units:
- Agricultural technical school (agriculture and forestry)
- Veterinary school
- Chemical School (chemistry, ecology, nutrition, geodesy)

School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction, Split - Partner

School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction Split is the successor of one of the oldest schools in Split, Vocational Drawing School that was founded in 1907. Today it offers education for:
- Art occupations
- Architectural occupations
- Graphics professions

Evolva Ltd., Varaždin - Partner

Evolva is a software company specialized in the development and implementation of web-based IT systems and the computerization of business processes. By using advanced technology, Evolva creates business web applications that generate significant time and financial savings to customers, by enabling:
- Automation and monitoring of business processes
- Document management
- Faster and easier execution of business operations
- Reports for faster and more accurate decision making