The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools

In the County Palace in Varazdin, the project "The interdisciplinary curriculum of secondary vocational schools" Economic School Varazdin and project partners Secondary schools Matija Antun Reljković Slavonski Brod, the School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Building Split and company Evolva Ltd. Deputy Governor of Varazdin County Alan Košić this occasion said that the District pays special attention to the EU administration projects in education. The idea of ??our Administrative Department of Education, Culture and Sport was to educate principals and teachers on the use of EU funds and just educate them permanently through the training program manager for writing and implementation of EU projects - said Kosic adding that the Varazdin schools realize already eighty Two projects of the EU funds, which amounts to more than 44 million. Director of the Economic School Varazdin, Katica Kalogjera Novak pointed out that economic school for the fourth time the holder of the EU project. This project is intended to introduce a new optional subjects in the economic and commercial field, and among other things, she mentioned the project for life-long learning, training for tour guide, which is the purpose of employment of unemployed persons in cookery and pastry. The idea is in fact such that the High School Matija Antun Reljković from Slavonski Brod to produce a particular product, School of Design, Graphics and Sustainable Building in Split will give the visual identity of the product, and Economy School Varazdin will market the product in the market said the director Katica Kalogjera Novak. Otherwise, the goal of this project is to introduce information and communication - technology teaching methods and interdisciplinary facilities in line with sectoral needs in the curricula in order to obtain relevant vocational and entrepreneurial skills.